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ity," said Guterres.The▓ weaponization of artificial intelligence is a growing concern. The prospect of weapons that can select and attack a target on their own raises multiple alarms, and could trigger new arms races, he warned. ▓"Let's call it as it is. The prospect▓ of machines with the discretion and p▓ower to take human life is morally repugnant.""Heaven forbid, any new war could very well in

  • rsue the right path, climate action could add 26 trillion U.S. dollars to
  • the global economy by 2030. Green ▓economy policies could cre

clude a massive cyber-attack not only targeting military capacities, but also critical civilian infrastructure," he said.▓At the same time, techn

ology is being misused by ▓terrorists and for sexual exploitation and abuse, he not

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r side is wrong, he said.Technol▓ogical advan

ces may disrupt labor markets, bringing about socio-economic impacts, as trad▓ition

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